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  • 2701 90|100|200|80|40

    seal of saturn

    You can never know me You can never see me This is the curse of man Separate yet bound  We are two as one Old man Saturn’s grumpy smile Drives me through these trails Time to look in the face of the child another taste of the mild You can never touch me You can never taste me It’s the… Continue reading "2701 90|100|200|80|40"

  • 90|50|40|7

    Fluit enim aer in me Et aquam mundat me Et lapis cinxerunt me Et incendit ignem mihi The bornless light shines through me The angel -76- touches the tree My medicine is me Unified in the dream Nothing can knock me down Nothing can break my sword I am alive until the end The priest and the medicine man Nothing… Continue reading "90|50|40|7"

  • 2701 1626 187

    9.1998 There’s a door at the end of time I’m gonna travel through it tonight I don’t know if Jesus can save me Live and let live, die and let die Swirling in a pool of suicide I don’t know if Satan can save me { Corruption of the living purifies the dead Nothing has meaning in my hollow head… Continue reading "2701 1626 187"