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  • 114|126|54|18|54|24|30

    Nov. 1998 Note: I put this in here, because it was part of a pattern. The people mentioned in this letter were very close to the person I was. This pattern was a reoccurring pattern throughout my time in the abyss. I was running from the Italian mob. I had caught their head enforcer in pedo forums trying to get… Continue reading "114|126|54|18|54|24|30"

  • 3|50|6|6|5|5

    Sometime in 1999 I don’t want to look; I fight the unconscious need to turn my head and gaze at one of the most sexy sights I have ever seen. I busy my mind with lost moments. Fifteen bux and my four years of love, sold in the shape of a small metal circle.  A grotesque man sits masturbating secretly… Continue reading "3|50|6|6|5|5"

  • 563-100|8|50|200|7|8|100|90

    With a heart of fire you destroy, everything unbroken in me. Like a demon , you rip away at my soul. Two to one Soul With hands over my eyes, I hide as I enter. I am lost in the repetition of time wandering painful memory. She’s gone.. Two to one Soul So I run through the ferment, farther than… Continue reading "563-100|8|50|200|7|8|100|90"

  • 2701- 318

    Random Poem sometime in 1997 How many notes do you sing in your flight Running away from your tears A bomb ticks inside as you loose yourself in empty moments… Your love is deep as your hurt Still, a volatile incongruousness situation burned in your inflamed heart Though I don’t care… 2701I am a stranger wandering your world, looking for… Continue reading "2701- 318"