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    The tower

    1998 Spoken: 2001 Cranium exploding cataclysmic catastrophes, mark deception in air filled living spaces. Gather life ugly, when the crown of heaven has washed the the face Everything is a paradox, existing unwanted in this place called sanctuary. The meat had filled the stomach. Rich criminals lay in wait to trod the innocent for sick sardonic trophies. Mutated, emotional cries… Continue reading "18|9|20|21|1|12 — 13|1|7|14|21|19"

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    Sigil Baphomet

    Nov. 1999 Psalms 119: 121-128 “I have done justice and righteousness; leave me not to mine oppressors.” Nothing, I have nothing, it’s time to go. All promises are broken, my blood dripping fetid from inside. My heart grey and torn. There are no options left, my emotions are wasted. I took the path of  Teferith to Binah and fell through Daath. The… Continue reading "2|1|60|8|50|30|5|100"