Skull Cult Music

Daggot Filth, Love I hate and the Skull Cult – years 2004 – 2014


I make this page as a graveyard of things that should have been and never were. My entire music career was a mess. I struggled to keep a band, a house and life. I starved for my music and made several mistakes, mainly I didn’t want to go with a record company, and in the end, I was signed to a minor label who provided me no support. These are the songs that occurred at the end of my journey and some were up until my music software no longer was compatible with my architecture.

These songs were all written and recorded by me unless otherwise stated. The Skull Cult had a few members, however in the end I was in the wrong city to be playing Heavy Music and often I would loose band members to Jazz and New Orleans standard cover bands. I was the only Industrial band in New Orleans for many years and it was difficult to get gigs. Let alone play them as all of my music existed in a Lap Top and my gear kept getting stolen.

There are alot of songs that don’t make it to this list due to rights and other members pitching in on the writing. These songs I wrote, recorded for mostly demos for the band. Thus they can be noisy and overdriven.

Witchy World – 1993

Whore 2004

Past Regress – Written 2005 recorded several times throughout the years and played in our normal set

Wigger was never meant for anything accept filler.

Wigger 2008

Toy Soldiers 2009

The long Road – The Jonas Grumby Project 2009

This song was an experimental thing.

Bloodclot – 2010

Finally the last Skull Cult song. This song was actually written for the MC, it was to be the last Skull Cult song ever written or recorded.

NBDNC – Skull Cult final song 2010

Heretical Poetry – Jonas Grumby Project 2012

Broken Limb Jonas Grumby Project 2013

Cut Away -Jonas Grumby Project 2014