Skull Cult Music

Daggot Filth, Love I hate and the Skull Cult – years 2004 – 2014


I make this page as a graveyard of things that should have been and never were. My entire music career was a mess. I struggled to keep a band, a house and life. I starved for my music and made several mistakes, mainly I didn’t want to go with a record company, and in the end, I was signed to a minor label who provided me no support. These are the songs that occurred at the end of my journey and some were up until my music software no longer was compatible with my architecture.

These songs were all written and recorded by me unless otherwise stated. The Skull Cult had a few members, however in the end I was in the wrong city to be playing Heavy Music and often I would loose band members to Jazz and New Orleans standard cover bands. I was the only Industrial band in New Orleans for many years and it was difficult to get gigs. Let alone play them as all of my music existed in a Lap Top and my gear kept getting stolen.

There are alot of songs that don’t make it to this list due to rights and other members pitching in on the writing. These songs I wrote, recorded for mostly demos for the band. Thus they can be noisy and overdriven.

Witchy World – This first song was written way before my exodus from Hollywood. It is the only song that remains outside of my memory from those times. Written in 1993 and re-recorded it in 2010. It was one of the songs for the band Thrall signed on Perception Rek – now defunct.

A bit about the song: I was living in San Diego at the time and nothing was happening. My girlfriend was supporting me and I took up with a bum who was former junkie, as was I. We had a series of adventures that resulted in him dying of a overdose. This song was written about those dark days.

Witchy World – 1993


Daggot Filth was actually the beginning of the Skull Cult. Daggot Filth’s first CD was planned to be called “The Skull Cult”. I was exiled from New York to Detroit for a winter with no internet and just my laptop and keyboard. This song was the very first time I had ever used digital software (that didn’t involve midi hell). It was also the very first song. 

Trival Mind – 2005 


Love I hate and later The Skull Cult

This song was written when I was falsely accused and convicted of domestic violence. Which btw, ruined my life.  The entire song was written in jail (on paper) and one of many hateful jonts into my joke of a marriage. I had been toying with the name Skull Cult and it was the first attempt. However, natural disasters, a horribly psychotic wife, and my hate for the west coast lead me home to the south. This song was actually recorded live as we played a gig.

Whore 2004



The Skull Cult

These are the songs that I wrote for various CDs. The only song in this list that has another person on it is Past Regress, which was written right after Trival Mind in 2005. We broke the entire song apart and redid it in 2008 for the CD ‘Less Human More God’. The production company ended up putting copyright claims on the song which was another joke as I had written and recorded it in 2005. Still, it shut down all Skull Cult web properties besides myspace. This is why you will never ever see a Skull Cult page anywhere but here. The entire thing was nasty and cowardly. Particularly because this song was exactly about that sort of human behavior. Ironic eh?

Past Regress – Written 2005 recorded several times throughout the years and played in our normal set


These next two songs were written in recorded in 2008. They were never intended for a CD. They were funny songs I put into my rather ugly and negative set to lighten it up. It is kind of important to say that these next two songs were written to kill time and Wigger actually became quite popular. It may have been my most popular song even after Past Regress was in a horror film.

Another thing that really sucked is people tend to take me very seriously, so the humor in these songs sounded hateful when it was suppose to be a joke.

Satan 2008 Very graphic


Wigger 2008


This next song never made it anywhere. It is loud and noisy. But the words are important. As far as I know at this moment as I write this; only four people have ever heard this song.

Toy Soldiers 2009


Okay, here we are at the saddest song in this catalog of failure and wasted youth. This song was written as my brother was dying. He had not told anyone and I don’t think he was totally sure himself. However, he had suggested that I work more on danceable songs, as Industrial music was all about dancing. Blayne from Idiot Stare (now also no longer with us) kept saying my music was outdated and I had to modernize it. So after a very bad day I wrote and recorded this song in 45 minutes. My brother fucking hated it. I didn’t know why at the time.

Honestly, many people close to me hated this song. I think it is really because they understand the words and exactly what I mean. There is no flowery prose to hide behind. When they heard it they instantly became concerned.

Bloodclot – 2010


Finally the last Skull Cult song. This song was actually written for the MC, it was to be the last Skull Cult song ever written or recorded.

NBDNC – Skull Cult final song 2010


Now we move away from Skull Cult as the band. It was just becoming too difficult to keep going, and the Motorcycle Club was rising.

Several plagiarists and assholes kept attempting to steal the name Skull Cult. I just got tired of dealing with it and at this time the SC had become SCMC. So, the club could deal with it, which was a totally different situation for those ass monkies. As we had patches and no one could ever be un-creative thieving assholes again without reprisal.

Everything from here on out is written under the band name: The Jonus Grumby Project. Which is still the band I write and record under. All these songs are just demo’s for me and my select few. I wanted to go back to my roots. Industrial music is and always was an empty hole.

Heretical Poetry was actually a demo song for a band I was working on with Blayne Alexander and a few other guys I grew up playing with from LA. Yet, like all things involving bands, it never went anywhere. Just a lot of talk and me doing all the work.

Heretical Poetry 2012


Broken Limb 2013


Cut Away -2014