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    The tower

    1998 Spoken: 2001 Cranium exploding cataclysmic catastrophes, mark deception in air filled living spaces. Gather life ugly, when the crown of heaven has washed the the face Everything is a paradox, existing unwanted in this place called sanctuary. The meat had filled the stomach. Rich criminals lay in wait to trod the innocent for sick sardonic trophies. Mutated, emotional cries… Continue reading "18|9|20|21|1|12 — 13|1|7|14|21|19"

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    The fool

    1998, Notes of some classical piece soar in the stale smoke filled air Vodka sits next to the pad and pen, as I slowly choke down another hit of the foul liquid Ridden with lice I itch my crawling scalp and stare at the paintings starring back at me “Is this where I am suppose to be?” I think, (as… Continue reading "6/15/15/12"

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    Sigil Baphomet

    Nov. 1999 Psalms 119: 121-128 “I have done justice and righteousness; leave me not to mine oppressors.” Nothing, I have nothing, it’s time to go. All promises are broken, my blood dripping fetid from inside. My heart grey and torn. There are no options left, my emotions are wasted. I took the path of  Teferith to Binah and fell through Daath. The… Continue reading "2|1|60|8|50|30|5|100"

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    seal of saturn

    You can never know me You can never see me This is the curse of man Separate yet bound  We are two as one Old man Saturn’s grumpy smile Drives me through these trails Time to look in the face of the child another taste of the mild You can never touch me You can never taste me It’s the… Continue reading "2701 90|100|200|80|40"

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    1.24.99 Well, I ended up in a drunk’n stupor. Then the night lead me to a strange woman’s house. This seems to always happen in LA. Go out, a girl picks me up, I don’t know how I do it.  Now, the bad news: ERM died in 1994, he was slowly degrading health wise. The shit was getting pretty bad… Continue reading "5|80|30 20|50|4|7|5"

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    Fluit enim aer in me Et aquam mundat me Et lapis cinxerunt me Et incendit ignem mihi The bornless light shines through me The angel -76- touches the tree My medicine is me Unified in the dream Nothing can knock me down Nothing can break my sword I am alive until the end The priest and the medicine man Nothing… Continue reading "90|50|40|7"

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    11.4.98 – The twisted nature of hope Four days and I will be gone, broken free from this cesspool of human waste and demonic fields. New York has always been a dream unrealized. Now it rises up before me. I have only one place to go, with one friend. Many swarm, however their twisted tongues reveal ill intention.  For the… Continue reading "8|50|60|5"

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    Nov. 1998 – This city use to have a magick about it. She carried her beauty encased in a heavy humid nights and cool shaded days. She pranced around for me, hoping I would be like her. I could never live up to her expectations. I followed and now I’m old, beaten down on the edge of life and nothing.… Continue reading "132|90|90|24|90|90"

  • Gnostic, Gnosis and Pretenders

    Sitting and watching the world go by, with all the misconceptions is disheartening. People can come up with anything to make themselves feel special. From channeling imaginary aliens, and pushing it off as fact; to magicians doing amazing feats as if they were doing it for real. It’s really tough to bare. Even Christians claim to be Gnostic and hijack… Continue reading "Gnostic, Gnosis and Pretenders"