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    The sun shines in her eyes as I walk down the mirrored corridors of her enigma. Blankly, religiously, fumbling over words trying to meld with fire. My will slips off her with a shrug. I reach out hard and harm her trying to stick.  I slip again… I am always falling short of her in my fears of betrayal. Crawling… Continue reading "6|50|80|40|9|3|1|100|9|50|40"

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    Sometime in 1999 I don’t want to look; I fight the unconscious need to turn my head and gaze at one of the most sexy sights I have ever seen. I busy my mind with lost moments. Fifteen bux and my four years of love, sold in the shape of a small metal circle.  A grotesque man sits masturbating secretly… Continue reading "3|50|6|6|5|5"