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  • Gnostic, Gnosis and Pretenders

    Sitting and watching the world go by, with all the misconceptions is disheartening. People can come up with anything to make themselves feel special. From channeling imaginary aliens, and pushing it off as fact; to magicians doing amazing feats as if they were doing it for real. It’s really tough to bare. Even Christians claim to be Gnostic and hijack… Continue reading "Gnostic, Gnosis and Pretenders"

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    The sun shines in her eyes as I walk down the mirrored corridors of her enigma. Blankly, religiously, fumbling over words trying to meld with fire. My will slips off her with a shrug. I reach out hard and harm her trying to stick.  I slip again… I am always falling short of her in my fears of betrayal. Crawling… Continue reading "6|50|80|40|9|3|1|100|9|50|40"

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    With a heart of fire you destroy, everything unbroken in me. Like a demon , you rip away at my soul. Two to one Soul With hands over my eyes, I hide as I enter. I am lost in the repetition of time wandering painful memory. She’s gone.. Two to one Soul So I run through the ferment, farther than… Continue reading "563-100|8|50|200|7|8|100|90"

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    8.6.98 – John 12:25 He who loves his life shall loose it and he who hates his life in this world shall keep it forever. Quite a remarkable and powerful string of words from the supposed Christ. A Christ that was a creation of gentiles. Oh the Good Pastor John from bible college would be fuming now. It seems that the… Continue reading "2|50|50|10| 50|6| 600|50|8|40"

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    My thoughts are red I have been living on the carcass of the beast, isolating in my failure. I fought for your kind and your kind defeated me. It’s wreckage is upheld like a trophy in the hands of blind creatures. Your masters have turned convenience into slavery. These demons rule the world with useless broken services, stealing our identities… Continue reading "20|5|1|90|8 :. 9|90 :. 3|8|50"

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    This post is the hall of shame. Various things, various people and most of all various failures concerning the master plan. As it has a been a long road, a difficult road and there have been many casualties it is mostly images of the past.   2701I am a stranger wandering your world, looking for a way home.

  • 2701- 221

    Moonlight The moonlight scorches my skin, in such silent abuse I lay A tear drop drink and a gentle hand casts pictures of the pain The emptiness of pitch, sick tar like taint rolling over a fragmented mind lay hallow Such kind cruelty blows off ocean shores, I swallow Men of sick evil souls… Paint pictures of their ghosts… Many… Continue reading "2701- 221"