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I am a stranger wandering your world, looking for a way home.
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    I see them crawling after me, I know you can’t see them. They are mine here in the haze, coming to carry me away. Off I go, to better places with shinning faces, to end the constant waiting and stop the endless hope. Do you understand? Yes, they are here, I think. Behind the veil of light and dark, gathering… Continue reading "90|1|40|4|30|1|40"

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    9.1998 There’s a door at the end of time I’m gonna travel through it tonight I don’t know if Jesus can save me Live and let live, die and let die Swirling in a pool of suicide I don’t know if Satan can save me { Corruption of the living purifies the dead Nothing has meaning in my hollow head… Continue reading "2701 1626 187"

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    My thoughts are red I have been living on the carcass of the beast, isolating in my failure. I fought for your kind and your kind defeated me. It’s wreckage is upheld like a trophy in the hands of blind creatures. Your masters have turned convenience into slavery. These demons rule the world with useless broken services, stealing our identities… Continue reading "20|5|1|90|8 :. 9|90 :. 3|8|50"

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    This post is the hall of shame. Various things, various people and most of all various failures concerning the master plan. As it has a been a long road, a difficult road and there have been many casualties it is mostly images of the past.   2701I am a stranger wandering your world, looking for a way home.

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    Real Skull Cult patches

    The Skull Cult has been several different things throughout the years. In the end, I just got stuck with the domain. So, I decided to do something with it. First, there was The Skull Cult, it was a New Orleans Industrial Band that had various people in it throughout the years. The band put out two CDs, Less Human more… Continue reading "This site skull cult"

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    Random Poem sometime in 1997 How many notes do you sing in your flight Running away from your tears A bomb ticks inside as you loose yourself in empty moments… Your love is deep as your hurt Still, a volatile incongruousness situation burned in your inflamed heart Though I don’t care… 2701I am a stranger wandering your world, looking for… Continue reading "2701- 318"

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    Moonlight The moonlight scorches my skin, in such silent abuse I lay A tear drop drink and a gentle hand casts pictures of the pain The emptiness of pitch, sick tar like taint rolling over a fragmented mind lay hallow Such kind cruelty blows off ocean shores, I swallow Men of sick evil souls… Paint pictures of their ghosts… Many… Continue reading "2701- 221"