Sigil Baphomet


Nov. 1999

Psalms 119121-128 “I have done justice and righteousness; leave me not to mine oppressors.”

Nothing, I have nothing, it’s time to go. All promises are broken, my blood dripping fetid from inside. My heart grey and torn. There are no options left, my emotions are wasted. I took the path of  Teferith to Binah and fell through Daath. The Qiploth screams in the windows of acidy gusts of rain. Cold starvation savages my frame.

It seems no options are waltzing up on me. I face the stupid nothing life I live, crass and rageful. FUCK HUMANITY! Homo Sapien viral beasts crawling through the planes of land and air devouring and killing. Fallen like the tribe in the garden, they are blind to chaos outside their unholy minds. Mammon in rising, soon they will all suffer.

This pattern exists outside of them, and I have to break it. Snap the root curse’s neck and never look back. But, look back I do. Loss is frozen in the drudgery of my past. It’s the same thing lived over and over, and the most complicated failures of alchemy, cause great explosions rippling out into the land. The curse remains in the grip of 15.

A slow walk barefooted over broken glass into death.    

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