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Well, I ended up in a drunk’n stupor. Then the night lead me to a strange woman’s house. This seems to always happen in LA. Go out, a girl picks me up, I don’t know how I do it. 

Now, the bad news: ERM died in 1994, he was slowly degrading health wise. The shit was getting pretty bad around him according to Sororal V. Somehow she was the first on the scene. 

According to her, he was mysteriously loosing money and he thought a thief was involved. Also, his drivers licence got suspended. He was under attack, so he put a camera in his living room, in hopes of catching the thief; I’m sure there were several wards put around the place, V was never in the inner order, so she was not privy to our methods.

The camera showed that no one was breaking in. So, he moved the camera into his bedroom.  Still, no one broke in. What the camera recorded behind his locked bedroom door was him exploding. HE FUCKING EXPLODED! Of course V took the tape, so the cops had nothing to go on. 

What V went on to say, is that it looked like he was struggling with a unseen force. She made it clear that it was a fight. Like he was struggling with a invisible person. When I asked about his Tarot collection, she said she threw it away. ERM’s passion for card art was more like an obsession. He had over four hundred different decks. Some were very real and old, what the fuck was she thinking?

So my first mentor has passed. He was my favorite. I hope he is happy in his new incarnation. I will not mourn because he wouldn’t want me to.

Sororal V begged me to take my place as their Magister. I declined, that was ERM’s lodge. I am beyond lodges and groups.  She said I owed it to him. However, in the end, the way ERM ran his lodge was different than I am prepared to take on. He genuinely took care of his lodge members. I was never a member of his lodge, I was initiated into the order at large. As, I was into dangerous things back then, he didn’t want any incidents with his brothers and sisters.

Here is the thing. ERM told me that back in the 60tys his lodge was much larger and in LA. According to him there was a Black Magick order that they fought with constantly (I believe they were chaos magick). He suggested the presents of a Nemesis in his life. But, he was always very cryptic about it. Had they finally gotten to him?

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