Gnostic, Gnosis and Pretenders

Sitting and watching the world go by, with all the misconceptions is disheartening. People can come up with anything to make themselves feel special. From channeling imaginary aliens, and pushing it off as fact; to magicians doing amazing feats as if they were doing it for real. It’s really tough to bare. Even Christians claim to be Gnostic and hijack the message of Gnosis. After all, isn’t that what their forebears did in the first place?

I know that this article, post, blog or whatever you want to call it, is off theme with the page. As the page is about how I got here. I didn’t care to share it with anyone, I began doing this with the idea that if someone was worthy and searching they will find it. I am just telling the truth, from my experience.

A great deal of the modern mystical world, reminds me of a quote from a interesting movie:

Just because you stick a feather in your ass, doesn’t make you a chicken.

In Gnosis, this is so relevant it is sickening. Modern people globed on to the Nag Hammadi in droves. As it is a pretty nice collection of books and well preserved. It describes a time of Christianity struggling to find a place in the world of Pagans. As most of these believers are modern Christians, they attached to these books and they are reaching for something they just can’t have.

The goal of all the true Gnostics of antiquity, was to escape the material world. They were fighting a war against principalities, powers and things that sit in high places. Now, here is the clincher, that these wannabe neo Gnostics don’t get. Gnosis, in this form can not actually be totally learned. It is a memory that one receives after their spark is awakened.

All the texts of the Nag Hammadi, are writings by Gnostics for Gnostics. Without the fundamental gnosis to start with, it makes no sense. I’ve asked many self proclaimed Gnostics what their experience was like, and none of them could correctly clarify an answer. As you can see, if you have read anything on this page, I have a lot of experience with mysticism. I can clarify my experience.

All the unclean masses preaching away gnostic ideas and claiming to be gnostic, are fools. Some, may have gnosis. But they are not gnostic. Because the word Gnostic was just the closest phrase the translators could come up with for an ambiguous phrase. Just like the word Archon is invalid; this word was the only word they could come up with comparing the builders to the nine magistrates of Greece. I know this for a fact, I have personally spoken with a couple of the translators, something felt off about the translations.

The goal of these ancient people was to get the spark out of this place and break free of this flawed world. If anyone claims they are Gnostic they are claiming that the Gnostics failed and were invalid to start with. It makes me disgusted that self entitled Christians claim Gnosis. The foundation of their church and everything they “believe” murdered, burned and destroyed real Gnostics. That is pretty much like the white people who tell everyone they are Native. It is insulting.

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