The sun shines in her eyes as I walk down the mirrored corridors of her enigma. Blankly, religiously, fumbling over words trying to meld with fire. My will slips off her with a shrug. I reach out hard and harm her trying to stick. 

I slip again…

I am always falling short of her in my fears of betrayal. Crawling sardonically over the coals of our love. The word still slinks out of my mouth wrong. My heart catches fire and I blow. Then cursing myself  that I did not get it right. The spell fails yet another time. Her little black world is covered in ice.

Next, the pain of separation comes flaccid and used. It’s a crawling chaos seducing my sober mind. I really need to drink more. Our union demolished in a short sudden burst. Why do I love forever? They never do.

I hit the streets again.

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