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8.6.98 – John 12:25

He who loves his life shall loose it and he who hates his life in this world shall keep it forever.

Quite a remarkable and powerful string of words from the supposed Christ. A Christ that was a creation of gentiles. Oh the Good Pastor John from bible college would be fuming now.

It seems that the actual author or authors of this book, were attempting to point to an attitude of indifference toward the material world (nearly, a Christian Gnostic point of view). If one is apathetic they will surely move on. Though the quote could be construed as: if you hate your life, you’re better off.  Only a layman would understand it as such.

It forces me to remember, to always, keep these words literal. Then, apply historical information in context. As every human seems to be happy drawing his/her own conclusions so to benefit his/her’s point of view. This is a great deception among all the spiritual. 

If you love your life you will kick it! Hinting at a obsession with the seen. Being distracted by the grand illusion leads to absolute death, no moving on.

If you hate it, you will always return. If you just let it go and move where the day takes you, you will move on to your afterlife whatever that may be. 


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