Sometime during 1998  I wrote 

Part I

So strange, so strange, Samson has been shaved
Like useless sun on petaled rose
It fell that day, as it may, now what was long is gone
So strange, so strange, hair to change
A wave on shore gone in lore
The oratory of pain morose and vein dries away in the rain
What may what may be the day,
When the heart is free to soar
Is it lust for life or a slice of death?
That holds sway in the door
What shame, what shame to be striped this way
Crown shining in the fall sun
Need and change elements of the game, blond sorrow and violence won
What shame, what shame to be naked today
In the blind fields of man
Humble and spent, insistent, relent now, strength went
Can’t say, can’t say, go away
When time eclipses the moon
When words mean little between nothing end something
And adventurous cows jump over the moon
A play, a play to make us stay
Like a tortoise on its back
Bolted down, face of clown, turns smile to frown
A play, a play to feel this way
In silent temples of the damned
Calamity and for gazing into the mirror; the naked vision queer
So tired, so tired, laid down to sleep, with scorched skins from the night
Black scarred skin and mask of death
A kaleidescope to the enlightened sight
I’m frayed, I’m frayed to be this way
Jumping from pond to pool
Front night to day a seconds sway to be it what it may
I’m frayed, I’m frayed to be shaved
My armor lost in time
The gods under sod bent and nod
Appreciation of the day

Part II

From strength to weakness fallen to the ground
It’s gone! It’s gone! Again….
Facing the day without violence or pain
With no one to contend
Apprehension and greed and insipid need
To try and try to win
The golden cup through life sucked
Is nothing more than tin
It’s there and knowing somewhere
The cup is not empty but full
The warrior’s task as long as he lasts
Is expression of the fool
Contempt and dread no fortress said
To ever be lead to the free
The illusions gone nothing wrong only human eyes can see
The creatures in shadows
Souls leaving the gallows
Be free! Be free!
Planted paths of life the sharp
Edge of knife
Strife is what is seen
No more eyes of night, stuck in the light
A human I will be
To face man in strange lands
Running with angels out away from me
The outer worlds
Chaos swirls
I’m free! I’m free!
The essence of change; the disks remain
Elements of the lost
Life is cold in this hole I fight
To keep stole of frost
For equality I concede to pay the cost
All my strength, power and pain
Is washed on the shores and lost

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