I see them crawling after me, I know you can’t see them. They are mine here in the haze, coming to carry me away. Off I go, to better places with shinning faces, to end the constant waiting and stop the endless hope.

Do you understand?

Yes, they are here, I think. Behind the veil of light and dark, gathering for the fall of my temple. No more love it’s time to part, like Enoch was no more. So, shall I be behind the sheet, in better lands with shimmering sands, beneath the walls of sleep.

Do you understand?

Don’t cry for me, if I am missed, they won’t be cruel to me, my cup runs over and over again. But, they will carry me away and in the rich illusion, I will find peace. Dreams of the world will be mine, in the dark of the moon.

Did you ever notice I am gone?

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