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The Skull Cult has been several different things throughout the years. In the end, I just got stuck with the domain. So, I decided to do something with it.

Skull Cult
Cover for Less human more god

First, there was The Skull Cult, it was a New Orleans Industrial Band that had various people in it throughout the years. The band put out two CDs, Less Human more God and Daggot filth. However, due to a stupid bitch, the band was completely shut down. Stay the fuck away from stupid bitches.





Second SCMC color set. This was made to appease the self proclaimed Rulers and hall monitors.

Then, years later there was the actual Skull Cult MC. The name was voted in for our first church. The Skull  and wrench bone design was created by me. It was a modification of the original Gnostics MC colors that we never made patches for.

As I was the founding President of the club, I didn’t really want patches. However, the guys did so I drew up this design and had it made.

The MC was burned by the Galloping Gooses, the Banditos and the Outlaws. I won’t go into details. But, there wasn’t violence or anything like that. Just a lot of lies and swinging loose with the truth and promises we were given. In the end, it seems that the club was growing way faster than theirs. Which is funny, as the club was only ever 11 members and 1 prospect. 4 of those members were Nomads. The rest was the 9th ward chapter in New Orleans.

Now, it has been reduced to this stupid site that displays parts of the Skull Cult and it’s founder. How the mighty have fallen.

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