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The Skull Cult



AL I.3

Yetzirah HG.


What you can expect to find here: though the Skull Cult has gone back into the mists, this is a very personal log of my journey between the degrees of 4°=7and 6°=5□. I put these poems, songs and journal entries up, because no one has ever seen them. Some fit me quite well and the true path of the College is very dangerous: most never make it through. These writings are all coming from my journals between the years of 1997 –  2000, which was leading into the great change.

I am a very private person and I don’t share any of this lightly. I know things that you do not, and it is only because I did the work and risked my sanity to learn these things.

I put up some of The Skull Cult’s songs, I wrote these and recorded them badly later.  I am not a sound man and most of my recorded works that aren’t on records are rough drafts. Still, they are pretty good. These are the real rantings of a true Magickian going through a battle for his spirit; a poet struggling to find a voice; a musician trying not to starve; a biker trying to stay alive in a very violent world. It is important to clarify that this person no longer exists, as I successfully made the journey and came out the other side as someone else. 

I decided as a writer that I could not fulfill my promise to the source. I was tasked with writing the truth. But, as a writer we embellish the truth quite a lot to make a point. So here it is, the soul of M.E.W laid bare for the world to see, if they are clever enough to find it and solve its riddles. Also, there will probably be some stuff abut the Skull Cult, as it has been a huge part of 2701’s life.

There are also some current writings that I fling in randomly, as the world needs change, and these writings need to have a platform to be read. 

93/93/93  LVX <– I am not a ‘thelemite’, that is a stupid OTO misunderstanding. I am a member of the college of light.

Finally, every word and piece of media on this site I created or I have absolute rights to it’s usage. In other words I own it all! Do not be a slimy little human and steal it.